Diamond C DSA 6X10 7k Tilt Trailer (Black)

Diamond C DSA 6X10 7k Tilt Trailer (Black)







This Trailer is 10 feet long, 6 feet wide. It's a bumper pull with a steel frame and deck. The maximum payload capacity is 5,000lbs. It has fenders, manual tilt, and a hydraulic dampening system to allow the trailer to tilt back to level slowly without slamming. At least a 1/4 ton vehicle (includes small trucks and minivans) is required to tow this trailer and may need a larger truck depending on the load being pulled. A brake controller in towing vehicle is required to make electric brakes work.
Available for rent at $99 per day.

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Deck Length
10 ft
Deck Width
6 ft
Deck Height
24 in
Electric Brakes
Hitch Size
2 5/16 in.
Gross Weight Capacity
7,000 lbs
Payload Weight Capacity
5,000 lbs