Kubota KX040 Mini Excavator
  • Kubota KX040 Mini Excavator
  • Kubota KX040 Mini Excavator

Kubota KX040 Mini Excavator







The Kx040 is a medium mini ex weighing about 10,000 lbs with an overall width of 5 ft. 7 in. This is not a zero turn machine, so it does have some over hang when turning to the side. It is great for digging, grading, breaking concrete, picking up rocks, compacting soil and so much more. Can be towed with at least a 1/2 ton Pickup Truck or SUV.

Attachments (see specifications for sizes):
Digging buckets
Grading buckets
Rock Grapple
Auger and bits
Sheepsfoot compactor
Concrete breaker
Wire wheel

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9195 lbs
Engine Power
Max Reach at Ground
18 ft.
Digging Depth
11.25 ft.
Overall Width
5 ft. 7 in
Overall Height
8 ft. 1.8 in
Overall Length
16 ft. 8.2 in.
Lifting Capacity
see spec sheet in picture
Angle Blade
4 way or 6 way
Grading Bucket Width
12 in, 36 in
Digging Bucket Widths
12 in, 18 in, 24 in, 30 in, 36 in
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow
Aux 1: 17.1 gpm, Aux 2: 9.8 gpm
Auger Bit Diameters (all 36 in long)
9 in, 12 in, 18 in, 30 in
Auger Max Torque
2732 ft./lb. @3000 PSI
Wire Wheel Width
24 in
Sheepsfoot Compactor
24 in. wide
Concrete Breaker
4 ton
Rock Grapple
Rocks up to 36 in. diameter