Kubota SRT76 Hydraulic Rototiller

Kubota SRT76 Hydraulic Rototiller







This Hydraulic Rototiller has an overall width of 76 inches but a tilling width of 72 inches. It can till at depths of 2 inches, 4 inches, and 5.6 inches. It has a universal quick attach hitch. It can be used with Kubota SSV75, Kubota SVL75, and Kubota SVL65.

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Overall Height
39.5 in.
Overall Depth
32.5 in.
Overall Width
76 in.
Tilling Width
72 in.
Tilling Depths
2 in, 4 in, 5.6 in
Swing Diameter
18.3 in.
Hydraulic Requirements
Ideal: 23-42 gpm, Minimum: 16-23 @2600 psi
Universal Quick Attach